Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wrong again

Wrong again

(tommy lee james/cynthia weil)

From the day we met
You made me forget
All my fears
Knew just what to say
And you kissed away
All my tears

I knew this time I had finally found
Someone to build my life around
Be a lover and a friend
After all my heart had put me through
I knew that it was safe with you
And what we had would never end
Wrong again

Everybody swore
They�d seen this before
We�d be fine
And you�d come to see that you still loved me
In good time

And they said there�s nothing you can do
It�s something that he�s going through
It happens to a lot of men
And I told myself that they were right
That you�d wake up and see the light
And I just had to wait �til then
Wrong again

And it seemed to me the pain would last
My chance for happiness had passed
And nothing waited �round the bend
I was sure I�d never find someone
To heal the damage you had done
And my poor heart would never mend
Wrong again
Wrong again

Wrong again


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